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Backed by Science

Products are thoroughly tested and backed by case and clinical studies

Hemp Enriched Nutraceuticals

Our ‘Best-Of-Shelf’ formulas are optimized using pure hemp oil

Powerful Superfruits

Queen Garnet solutions represent years of cultivation and testing

Maintain total body balance

A complete family of products to achieve health and wellness goals or target ailments

Organic Enriched Nutraceuticals

100% Organically grown hemp and superfruits

Enriched Nutraceuticals

Our Enriched Nutraceuticals are designed to achieve total body balance or homeostasis. Nutraceutical combined with premium quality hemp oil accelerates the effectiveness of the base ingredients. Using these products daily will help achieve your health and wellness goals, as well as targeting specific issues like gut health, digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, and overall wellbeing.

Queen Garnet Superfruits

Queen Garnet products are superior superfruits that deliver incredible results for overall health associated with pre/probiotics and antioxidants. These are completely organic solutions derived from Queen Garnet Plum grown in Australia and they ensure a healthy body and mind taken daily as powders, chewables, or delicious nectar drinks.

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